Our Civic Empowerment initiative includes an 8-week workshop called The A.C.T.I.O.N plan. This abbreviation represents Addressing Concerns & Taking Initiatives in Our Neighborhoods – which educates clients on the meaning of civic engagement and the importance of advocating for the community. It aims to raise civic awareness and urge community members to use their democratic voices to hold city representatives accountable in meeting the demands and the interests of the people. The 8-week workshop breaks down the three branches of government with a heavy emphasis on local government. It invites public servants who hold significant positions in the city to explain a day on the job and urge their constituents to get involved. Participants learn who serves what role in government


Financial literacy is the education and understanding of knowing how money is made, spent, and saved, as well as the skills and ability to use financial resources to make smart decisions. These decisions include how to generate, invest, spend, and save money. We address questions such as: What does financial literacy mean and define it by breaking down its key components. In this 8-week course, we focus on budgeting, credit, debt, savings and checking accounts, different investment tools, along with the fundamentals of real estate and business structures. The purpose is to inspire a mind-shift when it comes to finances. We aim to change participants’ relationship with their money – in which they no longer conceive it as something to work for, but as something to work for them.


Manhood training - geared to at-risk youth - is an 8-week course that creates open, intimate dialogue on important topics relevant to adulthood. Facilitated by Credible Messengers, the topics include hyper-masculinity, incarceration, violence, gang-culture, trauma, life-skills, leadership & more. The workshops draw from a range of sources: personal stories, motivational videos, scholarship, and music lyrics – to stimulate group engagement and make participants self-reflect and self-analyze as they undergo the passage to adulthood in at-risk environments.


The You’re Not Alone Brotherhood works toward healing and building the individual who feel they're carrying their own burdens alone. In this space, we break routine from everyday life; create entertainment; discuss personal matters; expand horizons; and ultimately form a solid brotherhood. The groups adhere to a 6-segment agenda, providing participants with an opportunity to express themselves and find support from others who can relate to their situation. In addition, we offer one-on-one therapy counseling sessions.


The Streets Give Back Program aims to support the formerly incarcerated residing within the Lower Hudson Valley – but of course we welcome others beyond the 914 region. It maintains an inventory of brand new apparel donated by Yonkers-based fashion companies and provides a team of returning citizens to mentor those transitioning into society. The power behind this initiative lies in that the fashion sponsors hail from neighborhoods which have warred in the past but unified on behalf of helping those in need. In addition, it provides a community network of formerly incarcerated individuals to rely on for advice and support.